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Mint Condition

Caroline Spence

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Nashville-based singer/songwriter Caroline Spence unveils her third full length album, ‘Mint Condition’ – her debut release on Rounder Records.

’Mint Condition’ is an album narrated by people in various states of searching. With sincere poetic clarity, Spence plays directly to the heart of Americana: her unapologetically-authentic and emotionally resonating lyrics, delivered through an ethereal songbirds voice, are both engaging and disarming. The album was produced by Dan Knobler and mixed by Gary Paczosa.

The kinetic energy of that collaboration infuses all of Mint Condition, an album centred on Spence’s crystalline vocals and finespun melodies that soar and drift and sometimes gallop. Throughout Mint Condition, Spence shows the ever-expanding depth of her musicality, with the album encompassing everything from the full-tilt jangle-pop of “What You Don’t Know” to the stark atmospherics of “Sometimes a Woman Is an Island” to the ghostly folk of “Who Are You.” And on the heart-walloping “Wait on the Wine,” her tender vocals take on an entirely new power.

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Track Listings

What You Don’t Know
Angels or Los Angeles
Song About a City
Sometimes a Woman Is an Island
Who’s Gonna Make My Mistakes
Sit Here and Love Me
Long Haul
Wait on the Wine
Who Are You
Til You Find One
Mint Condition

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