Milky Way


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  • Genre: Rap / Hip Hop
  • Label: Polydor
  • Released Date: 21st December 2018
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    180g 1LP Gatefold Sleeve

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Milky Way is Queens, NY rapper Bas’s third studio album following Last Winter and Too High To Riot and second under the Dreamville/Interscope banner. The upbeat and celebratory affair includes standout features by A$AP Ferg, J. Cole, and Ari Lennox amidst eclectic production from Childish Major, Ron Gilmore, Meez, Sango and J. Cole. “The album is about me completely stepping into my own lane,” he explains to Complex. “It’s my way of doing things, and that’s what Milky Way means. It encompasses all sides of me more than any previous work of mine. It’s got some New York-inspired lyricism, then it has some Afrobeats, Afro-Caribbean vibes, like “Boca Raton.” Even “Tribe” is a Brazilian sample.”

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Track Listings

1. Icarus feat. Ari Lennox
2. Front Desk
3. Tribe feat. J. Cole
4. Boca Raton feat. A$AP Ferg
5. Barack Obama Special
6. Purge
7. Fragrance feat. Correy C
8. Infiniti
9. Infiniti+2 feat. Correy C
10. Sanufa
11. Great Ones
12. PDA
13. Designer
14. Spaceships + Rockets feat. LION BABE, Moe Moks & mOma+Guy

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