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Buddy Guy


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Five time Grammy winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Buddy Guy, recently released his new album “Living Proof” on CD. Music on Vinyl will release the vinyl companion on November 29th. This studio release marks an historic first as it brings together the incomparable B.B. King and Guy on the introspective and moving lead single, “Stay Around a Little Longer”. The landmark single represents the first time that these two blues titans have ever joined together on a studio release.

Carrying 12 tracks on 3 sides, the fourth side is graced with a beautifully crafted ´etching´ that is as much a pleasure for the eye as the other sides are for your ears!

180 grams audiophile vinyl
2010 Album
Side D contains etching

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Track Listings

A1 74 Years Young (4:34)
A2 Thank Me Someday (5:42)
A3 On The Road (4:11)
A4 Stay Around A Little Longer ft. B.B. King (5:00)

B1 Key Don't Fit (5:02)
B2 Living Proof (3:45)
B3 Where The Blues Begins ft. Carlos Santana (4:37)
B4 Too Soon (3:26)

C1 Everybody's Got To Go (3:57)
C2 Let The Door Knob Hit Ya (3:44)
C3 Guess What (5:44)
C4 Skanky (4:16)


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