Live with Lassy

Timo Lassy


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  • Genre: Downtempo
  • Label: Schema
  • Released Date: 3rd December 2013
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    2LP CD

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Maybe the most classic sounds so far from tenorist Timo Lassy – and that’s saying a hell of a lot, given the 60s style of most of his other records! The date’s a live one, and features Lassy really stretching out with a raw, earthy groove – a completely different side of his talents, but one that follows strongly from the soulful hardbop of his massive recordings for the Ricky Tick label! Instrumentation in the combo includes a great Wurlitzer piano, played with lots of organ-like notes – plus bass, drums, and some sweet Latin percussion to give the whole thing the extra kick you’d find on some Blue Note or Prestige session with Ray Barretto as a guest! All tracks are nice and long – and titles include “Just One Of Those Things”, “Shootin Dice”, “Touch Red”, “It Could Be Better”, “Where’s The Man”, and “Uncle Harry Came To Town/Sweet Spot”.

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Track Listings

Side A
1. Shootin’ Dice
2. Touch Red
Side B
1. The Good Life
2. Just One Of Those Things
Side C
1. Where’s The Man?
Side D
1. It Could Be Better
2. Uncle Harry Came To Town
3. Sweet Spot

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