Live Tracks 2006/2016

Ibrahim Maalouf

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  • Genre: Jazz
  • Label: Impulse
  • Released Date: 18th July 2017
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“In 2006, Ibrahim Maalouf went onstage at the New Morning to play solo for the very first time. And now, ten years later (after a thousand concerts in dozens of countries), he’s celebrating a decade-long career onstage with a tour that includes another first: a dozen Zenith concerts — including one in Paris on December 3 — plus a historic date at the Accor Hotels Arena on December 14. To leave a lasting trace of these great memories is just as important to him, which is why Ibrahim has chosen some of his most outstanding concerts for his fans in several different forms.”

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Track Listings

Red & Black Light (Au Zenith De Nantes Metropole - 2016)
La Javanaise en Duo Avec Juliette Greco (A L'olympia - 2014)
Will Soon Be a Woman (A Babylon (Istanbul) - 2013)
Nomade Slang (Au Zenith De Nantes Metropole)
True Sorry Intro (Avec La Maitrise De Radio France a L'olymp)
True Sorry (A L'olympia - 2014)
Ya Hala (A Zenith De Nantes Metropole - 2016)
Your Soul (Au Zenith De Nantes Metropole - 2016)
Beirut (Au Zenith De Nantes Metropole - 2016)

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