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A limited edition repress of OFF!’s explosive “Live at the 9:30 Club” LP. Capturing OFF! At their most ferocious, the band burns through the tracks
from “First Four EP’s without stopping to take a breath. Featuring incredible original artwork from Raymond Pettibon, this sold out in a day the first
time we pressed it.

This is the Keith edition of this album pressed on Pink/Black vinyl.

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Track Listings

A1 Intro
A2 Black Thoughts
A3 Darkness
A4 I Don't Belong
A5 Poison City
A6 Now I'm Pissed
A7 Rant 1
A8 Jeffrey Lee Pierce
A9 Killing Away
A10 Full Of Shit
A11 Sexy Capitalists
A12 Fuck People
B1 Rant 2
B2 Blast
B3 Broken
B4 Crawl
B5 Rat Trap
B6 Rant 3
B7 Panic Attack
B8 Upside Down

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