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Bill Nelson & The Gentlemen Rocketeers


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At the end of March 2011, Bill Nelson and the Gentlemen Rocketeers, along with one hundred plus guests, populated Studio A at Metropolis, West London, for a dynamite concert reminiscent of the Marquee club in its heyday. A blistering fourteen song set from the band, which covers much of Bill’s career to date, was the result.

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1. The October Man
2. Night Creatures
3. God Man Slain
4. Contemplation
5. Lady Youre A Strange Girl
6. Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape
7. Furniture Music
8. Do You Dream In Colour
9. Ships In The Night
10. Lovers Are Mortal
11. Maid In Heaven
12. Sister Seagull
13. Wonder of The Moment
14. Panic In The World

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