Live At C-Boys

Jimmie Vaughan Trio


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With Jimmie Vaughan off the road during the “lockdown” and C-Boys tem- porarily out of action too, this reissued mini-classic is as good as a Friday night out in Austin. It was originally released on Proper Records but has been deleted. When Jim- mie Vaughan isn’t out fronting his big “Tilt-A-Whirl” band, there’s nothing he likes more than grooving with his fine trio at C-Boy’s Heart and Soul club in his hometown. These very cool recordings – oozing with the late-night club atmosphere of Steve Wertheimer’s gem on South Congress Avenue- perfectly capture Mike Flanigin’s mastery of the mighty Hammond B3 and the late Frosty Smith’s at- tentive drumming which form the bedrock for Jimmie to lay down some of that trademark peckin’ guitar.

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Track Listings

  1. You Can’t Sit Down
  2. Hey! Baby
  3. Can’t Buy Me Love
  4. Saint James’ Infirary
  5. Come On And Rock Little Girl
  6. Dirty Work At The Crossroads
  7. Frame For The Blues
  8. Cleo’s Mood

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