Life of Mammals

Museum Of Love

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  • Genre: Rock And Pop
  • Label: Skint
  • Released Date: 9th October 2021
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    2LP Coloured Vinyl


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LIFE OF MAMMALS is the second album by New York duo MUSEUM OF LOVE (Pat Mahoney and Dennis McNany). It is released on Skint Records.

LIFE OF MAMMALS is a dizzying, hypnotic swirl of chaotic art rock and irresistible, metronomic dance music. Listening to it feels like being drawn from room to room at a logic defying house party in a brownstone that sits on a time and space ley-line somewhere between late ’70s Berlin and early ’80s Compass Point. Once inside, you’re pulled along by celestial melody, brain churning oscillations and the low end wobble of bass. From a distance, those sounds might seem familiar – a glimmer of Roxy here, a thump of both DAF and DFA there, the occasional Fripp-esque clatter mixed with the pulse and echo of Studio One – yet up close, they take on unique new forms, thanks in part to Pat Mahoney’s croon and dream state lyrics partly inspired by keeping a set of Eno’s Oblique Strategies to hand. A truly remarkable album, LIFE OF MAMMALS is exactly the kind of surrealist escape route we need right now.

LIFE OF MAMMALS is produced by MUSEUM OF LOVE and was recorded in bursts between Pat’s LCD touring commitments. The album has been mixed in its entirety by James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem). It features guest appearances from Peter Gordon (The Love of Life Orchestra) and Matt Shaw. It features the singles Cluttered World, Marching Orders and Army of Children.

RSD stores exclusive coloured double LP.

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Track Listings

  1. Your Nails Have Grown
  2. Life Of Mammals
  3. Marching Orders
  4. Hotel At Home
  5. Cluttered World
  6. Ridiculous Body
  7. Flat Side
  8. Army Of Children
  9. The Conversation
  10. Almost Certainly Not You

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