Life Is Short

Broken Arm


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Over 6 years since their inception Broken Arm finally unveil their debut album “Life is Short” on an unsuspecting public. Their debut full length is an exercise in grooving noise rock, filth and disillusionment. Broken Arm have the perfect knack for writing a catchy post punk tune and smearing a healthy amount of dirt all over it. Broken Arm formed in Leeds in the late 2000’s from the ashes of noise punk outfits Sailors, Woman, Like a Kind of Matador and more recently Mob Rules. Their debut release “Shields Mystical” was a short and punchy CDep released in 2008. After a lengthy absence the band eventually followed up with their first outing on vinyl, the 7” EP “Negative” released in 2011 by Gringo Records. Once described by the band themselves as agro-party punk, Broken Arm’s sound is frequently compared to that of various US hardcore punk bands, primarily from the rosters of AMRep, Touch and Go and SST Records. Their debut album “Life is Short” sees them flit effortlessly between their two distinct musical personalities, the catchy and scrappy noise rock band and their more reflective and at times dirge ridden side, sometimes within the confines of a single song. The album is split release between Gringo Records (Nottingham) and Art For Blind (Cork, nee Leeds) and will be released on Vinyl and digital download only. The album was recorded in Leeds by Matt J (Hookworms, Joanna Gruesome & Mazes) at Suburban Home.

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Track Listings

1. Hard to Live
2. Under The Table
3. Guilty Conscience
4. Double Talk
5. Waiting For a Call
6. Newsreader
7. Distractions
8. Someone Else
9. Life Is Short
10. Escape Route

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