Let It Rock

Alvin Lee

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This time Mr Lee is on a thoroughly unpretentious spree – no saxes or flutes tampering with the raw atmosphere, no weird experimental passages, just straight ahead rock’n’roll with little ornaments. And he’s very rarely content with playing a typical blues or blues-rock number in a “by-the-book” way: perhaps the closest to a “by-the-book” blues-rocker on the album is ‘Through With Your Loving’, but that exact number actually begs to be cranked up loud and proud, with extremely sharp, jagged guitar playing and fiery, raunchy vocals that totally kill off any possible accusations of “sterility”. The Allman Brothers Band would be proud. Elsewhere, you get a bunch of “philosophic introspective” ballads that plunge us into typical moody, “deep-produced” atmosphere.

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Track Listings

Chemicals, Chemistry, Mystery & More
Love The Way You Rock Me
Ain't Nobody
Images Shifting
Little Boy
Downhill Lady Racer
World Is Spinning Faster
Through With Your Lovin'
Time To Meditate
Let It Rock

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