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Let It Burn



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GospelbeacH is back with a set of great new songs. ‘Let It Burn’ is the follow up to ‘Another Summer of Love’ (Shindig! magazine Record of the Year 2017) and the third proper studio album by the infamous Los Angeles rock combo. It features the return of virtuoso guitarist Neal Casal (Chris Robinson Brotherhood). ‘Let It Burn’ is an album of West Coast rock and roll, redemption and guitar solos!

As a genre, Americana is a very broad church of influences and flavors from beards, banjo’s and BBQ to fiddles, flannel shirts and flared pants but possibly it’s most engaging allure is that it is pretty much always unpretentious and honest.And that’s what you have in Let It Burn, GospelbeacH’s third album; a collection of very genuine and straightforward, California-sun-kissed, chilled barefoot and hairy, easy-on-the-ear tunes. Once more aided and abetted by Chris Robinson’s go-to guitar guy, Neal Casal, Let It Burn smolders pleasingly throughout without ever really catching fire……consistent rather than combustible. Unquestionably influenced by the likes of Tom Petty, Mellencamp, Fastball, and the vocal power-house bands of the ‘60s and ‘70s, frontman Brent Rademaker has been kicking around this scene for a while now in bands like Beachwood Sparks and Further.GospelbeacH continues to mine the furrow of trippy, mid-tempo, quasi-country-pop balladry and there is some real quality song-writing and construction to appreciate- READY TO ROCK- 4 STARS

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Bad Habits
Dark Angel
I’m So High
Baby (It’s All Your Fault)
Get It Back
Good Kid
Nothing Ever Changes
Let It Burn

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