36 Crazyfists

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Music often functions as that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. It provides shelter during any storm and calm in the middle of tumult. 36 Crazyfists understand this phenomenon firsthand. In fact, the Anchorage, AK quartet – Brock Lindow [vocals], Steve Holt [guitar], Mick Whitney [bass], and Kyle Baltus [drums] – find catharsis within chaos on their seventh full-length album and second for Spinefarm, the aptly titled Lanterns. It’s ushered in by lead track “Death Eater,” which Lindow explains is, “a reflection of self and the dwellings of rock bottom, discovering the tools to dig yourself out, and refusing to let yourself free fall into the abyss of hopelessness. Love, forgive, and never give in. In fact, Lanterns really is about the fight within us all – that within us that forever refuses to sink.”

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Track Listings

Death Eater
Wars To Walk Away From
Better To Burn
Damaged Under Sun
Sea And Smoke
Where Revenge Ends
Bandage For Promise
Laying Hands
Below the Graves
Old Gold
Dark Corners

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