Sons Of Noel And Adrian


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  • Genre: Folk
  • Label: One Inch Badge
  • Released Date: 20th September 2012
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”The downandoutbytheseaside theme may still be dominant, but they’ve chucked in a bag of salt-cured beef and launched off into treacherous waters. Through an explosion of genres, Sons of Noel and Adrian prevail – controlled, talented and ramshackle; making Knots an intriguing and enchanting listen” – The Line Of Best Fit

The self-described ‘mothership’ of Brighton’s Willkommen Collective, Sons Of Noel And Adrian is a sprawling group of musicians headed by Jacob Richardson.

Though ostensibly a folk LP, Knots touches on a range of genres, acknowledging the influence of Chicago’s avant-garde rock and jazz scene and guitarists such as Dave Pajo in particular.

A weighty listen, it is an aptly titled one too: finger-picked classical guitars form the common backdrop to its songs; thick, knotty tapestries of sound that surge and recede with uncommon poise.

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Track Listings

01 The Yard
02 Come Run Fun
03 Jellyfish Bloom
04 Big Bad Bold
05 Leaving Mary's Hand
06 Cathy Come Home
07 Black Side Of The River
08 Matthew
09 Heroine

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