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For an album that proudly flaunted tin-can production, indecipherable South London slang, and lyrical nods to suicide bombers, it brought the woman who records under the name M.I.A. unexpected mainstream success—she followed its release by touring North America with Gwen Stefani and recording with Missy Elliott and Timbaland, while the single “Galang” made its way into a car commercial. Kala (the first release was named after her freedom-fighting father, this one after her mother) throws Arulpragasam’s newfound pop credentials into the bustle of Bollywood rhythms, police sirens, 8-bit dancehall beats, Third World car horns, and street singers. Recorded across several continents, it presents a far more dynamic listening experience than her first album, especially with tracks like “Bamboo Banga,” “Jimmy,” and “Paper Planes.” It’s no less exhausting, though. What with the New Order sample, Timbaland cameo, and gunshot sound effects, there isn’t a moment when it doesn’t feel like you’ve unintentionally invited an entire carnival into your home.

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Track Listings

1. "Bamboo Banga" 4:58
2. "Bird Flu" 3:24
3. "Boyz" 3:27
4. "Jimmy" 3:29
5. "Hussel" (featuring Afrikan Boy) 4:25
6. "Mango Pickle Down River" (with The Wilcannia Mob)
7. "20 Dollar" (samples "Blue Monday" by New Order) 4:34
8. "World Town" 3:52
9. "The Turn" 3:52
10. "XR2" 4:20
11. "Paper Planes" 3:24
12. "Come Around" (featuring Timbaland) 3:53

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