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Barcode: 5057805543824

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  • Genre: Electronica
  • Label: Ghost Box
  • Released Date: 20th August 2021
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    180g 1LP Coloured Vinyl
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A compilation of entirely new work from regular members of the Ghost Box roster and some special guests. It combines preview tracks from forthcoming releases and material especially recorded for the compilation during the global lockdown.

Ghost Box releases never have much to say about quotidian reality but these responses to the situation have seeped through from the Intermission in the universe next door.

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Track Listings

1. Justin Hopper and Belbury Poly - Intermission Introduction
2. The Advisory Circle - Airflow
3. Plone - Running and Jumping
4. Roj - The Animal Door
5. ToiToiToi - Die Dosis macht das Gift
6. Pye Corner Audio - Modern Reels
7. The Advisory Circle - Forward Motion
8. The Focus Group - Focustone 1
9. Justin Hopper - Recreation Park
10. The Hardy Tree - Woodberry Vale
11. Beautify Junkyards - A Garden by the Sea
12. Sharron Kraus - Tell Me Why
13. The Focus Group - Focustone 2
14. Pye Corner Audio - Photon Dust
15. Plone - When Everyone's Asleep
16. ToiToiToi - Intermodal
17. Belbury Poly - They Left on a Morning Like This
18. Justin Hopper and The Focus Group - Intermission Conclusion

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