Inner City Life (2020 Remix EP)


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The packaging is a mirror board sleeve with printed inner- overseen by Goldie.

Goldie’s groundbreaking album ‘Timeless’ turns 25, to celebrate, Goldie, announces new remixes of his seminal album track and classic “Inner City Life”. Each remix brings out distinctive qualities that undoubtedly accentuated the 1995 classic – an iconic collage of sounds that capture a fragmented and urbanized London. Binary State executes restraints towards the dramatic and subtle notes of the original interweaving the late Diane Charlemagne’s expansive and powerful vocal performance with a rubbery tech-house journey. It’s a tightly knit and perpetually driving reworking with a the four-to-the-floor dancefloor pulse. Drum and Bass don dBridge is enlisted by Goldie to provide a seismic, unconstrained and at times amorphous remix; an uncompromising breakdown of the creative boundaries that we experienced in the original. Continually challenging a Drum & Bass records accepted norm, and the delicate eccentricities a classic remix opportunity provides, this year’s package also embraces a poignant jazz rendition of “Inner City Life”; a cover that provides not only smooth relief and timeless lust for the original masterpiece.

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Track Listings

A1. Goldie - Inner City Life (2020 Remaster)
A2. Goldie - Inner City Life (Binary State Remix)B1. Goldie - Inner City Life (dBridge’s ‘Sonic Nostalgia Mix’)
B2. [re:jazz] - Inner City Life

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