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Los Bengala


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LOS BENGALA first came to our attention at a rock’n’roll dive bar in Dalston, East London in August 2014. Within seconds of them starting to play, we were hooked. As soon as the gig was over we spoke to them and they agreed to return to London to play the Dirty Water Club just two months later. We hyped them to our crowd, to our friends, to anyone that would listen – and the sold out room of people said to us that it was actually not hyperbole at all. The audience was wildy amazed, the entire crowd grinning in appreciation of what they were seeing. Yet another great band from the flourishing Latino garage rock scene, this dynamic and compelling duo are from Zaragoza in north east Spain. Even though they themselves admit they’ve not invented anything new, their sound is unique… there is nothing else that sounds quite like Los Bengala. With Guillermo’s loud, powerful, simple guitar chords backed by ambidextrous drummer Borja’s complex beats – both take on lead vocals (and do it very well indeed) – their on-stage energy is irresistible. Previously members of a funk-soul outfit called The Faith Keepers, the duo wanted to have some fun with a musical style that was more raw and down-to-earth, exploring their more primitive side, shaking the lethargy out of their hair. Their at home rehearsals were, in fact, such fun that they decided to go at it full time. And that translated to the audiences more quickly than they expected. Just nine months after forming, they were already in the studio working on their debut recordings. As the band will tell you, “If we stop, we’re dead – and we very much like being alive. Life is short and we intend to make the most of it. We never stop playing. We’re a live band. With sweat and intensity. And the record you’ll soon be holding in your hand will show that.” During the time they were in the studio, they won a national battle of the bands competition in Spain, leading to the name of Los Bengala being spread far and wide across the country, with more and more people attending their live shows wherever they go on tour. The band says their music is also created so that they can “meet people and get out into the world”. And that’s exactly what’s happening! Their debut album will be jointly released by the band’s own imprint, Wild Lion, and Dirty Water Records.

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Track Listings

1. La caza
2. Sé a dónde voy
3. No hay amor sin dolor
4. Jodidamente loco
5. Máquina infernal
6. 65 días
7. Aaah
8. Ataco
9. Perfect Body
10. Abran paso

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