In The Key Of The Universe

Joey Defrancesco


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  • Genre: Jazz
  • Label: Mack Avenue
  • Released Date: 19th April 2019
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As he’s made abundantly clear throughout the past 30 years, Hammond organ virtuoso and trumpet master Joey DeFrancesco has plenty of soul. What most listeners probably haven’t spent much time pondering is that soul’s place in the universe.

On his adventurous new album, In The Key Of The Universe, the master organist turns his musical attentions to his spiritual side, tapping into a strain of metaphysical jazz that’s fueled sonic searchers for more than half a century. Joey D calls upon disciples and missionaries of jazz to join him in paving the way to enlightenment. DeFrancesco naturally feels a profound connection to the questing, devotional jazz of forebears from Pharoah Sanders to John Coltrane to John McLaughlin. It may seem like a change in direction, but unexpected travels into new territory has been a central tenet of DeFrancesco’s music throughout his remarkable career.

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Track Listings

Side 1
Inner Being
Vibrations in Blue
Awake and Blessed
It Swung Wide Open

Side 2
In The Key Of The Universe
The Creator Has A Master Plan

Side 3
And So It Is
Soul Perspective

Side 4
A Path Through the Noise
Easier To Be

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