Lumineers, The

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  • Genre: Rock And Pop
  • Label: UMC
  • Released Date: 13th September 2019
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    180g 2LP
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A conceptual album presented across three chapters, each part centers on one main character from a fictitious family, known as The Sparks, spanning three generations in the album’s storyline. The first installment, ‘Chapter i: Gloria Sparks’ will be released on 24th May.

‘Chapter ii: Junior Sparks’ and ‘Chapter iii: Jimmy Sparks’ will be released separately later this year, culminating in a full album release, with additional bonus tracks, on 13th September.

The new album III is audacious: every note, every syllable, and every moment of silence in between is emotionally charged. In tone, the album is darker than anything the band have ever done. Mixing raw emotional themes with their ear-catching melodies, expressive vocals and their trademark acoustic sound, III moves masterly in artistic directions not yet travelled by the band.

The Lumineers self-titled 2012 debut album broke into the Top 10 of the UK Official Album Charts and was certified triple-platinum in 2018. Their second album, ‘Cleopatra’, released in 2016, was certified platinum and hit No.1 in both the UK Official Album Charts and No.1 in the Billboard Top 200 in its week of release.
The band has sold out tours across the world, with over 300,000 tickets sold on 2017’s ‘Cleopatra World Tour’ which ended with 27 sold out arena shows. Their discography has racked up a total of 4.2 billion steams and 4.6 million albums sold worldwide.

The Lumineers have also supported icons and their musical heroes on the road, including Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers at British Summer Time Festival in London’s Hyde Park in 2017. This year, the band will tour across the US and Europe, with nights at three UK arenas including a date at London’s O2 Arena.
Regarding the new album, Fraites says, “This collection of songs worked out in a beautiful way, and I feel with this album we’ve really hit our stride.”

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Track Listings

1. Donna
2. Life In The City
3. Gloria
4. It Wasn’t Easy To Be Happy For You
5. Leader Of The Landslide
6. Left For Denver
7. My Cell
8. Jimmy Sparks
9. April
10. Salt And The Sea
11. Democracy
12. Old Lady
13. Soundtrack Song

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