If This World Were Mine

Bob & Gene

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  • Genre: Soul / Funk
  • Label: Daptone
  • Released Date: 11th August 2017
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Ten years ago we were excited to release an archival collection of the sweetest soul from upstate New York in the 1960s; BOB & GENE’S IF THIS WORLD WERE MINE…. The beautifully packaged LP sold out quickly and has remained out-of-print ever since. It’s stature has grown over the years and is, these days, a desirable but hard-to-find record for fans of sweet soul. So to respond to the demand of soul fans worldwide we’re releasing a remastered pressing of IF THIS WORLD WAS MINE… for all of those who missed out on this sensational album the first time around, this time with TWO bonus cuts. In 1967, two teenage friends, Bobby Nunn and Eugene Copland, were the stars of Mo Do Records; a Buffalo, NY label run by Bobby’s dad, William Nunn. As BOB & GENE they recorded several sides for the label along with other local gospel and soul artists and the dozen or so 45s on Mo Do play back with unconventional humanity and anomalous presence. William’s dream of a Bob & Gene album would never be realised in his lifetime, but in February 2007 we jumped at the chance to pull together these sweet and soulful recordings into an album that’s remained a Daptone favorite ever since. A decade later and we’re thrilled that it’s back in the racks at your favorite purveyor of soulful platters.

• Remastered with two new songs not previously available on the original version, “I Really Love You” and “It’s Not What You Know (It’s Who You Know).”
• Original pressing from 2007 has been out-of- print and heavily sought-after for over 5 years.
• Includes MP3 download code.

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Track Listings

Side One
1. Gotta Find Away
2. Your Name
3. It Won’t Go
4. I Can Be Cool
5. Sailboat
6. Which Love T. I Really Love You (Bonus Track)
8. Interlude

Side Two
1. Don’t Leave Me Girl
2. Somebody’s Doin It (War)
3. You Don’t Need Me
4.You Gave Me Love
5. It’s Not What You Know (It’s Who You Know) (Bonus Track)
6. If This World Were Mine.

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