I See Your Ghost

Lathums, The

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  • Genre: Rock And Pop
  • Label: Island
  • Released Date: 8th January 2021
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    7" Coloured Vinyl

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“Like dynamite-packing, corruptedchoirboys, The Lathums’ do a one-eighty on dreamy jangle pop and hurl two-and-a-half minutes of hectic, ska-rigged scat through indie’s ornate window, releasing future live mayhem-maker, I See Your Ghost on on Island Records. Knees high, volume upandsmiles-wide, butter-wouldn’t-melt becomes a smoking sizzle as the magic gang of barely 20-somethings plugin, get loud and go wild. Considering the amazing result of the last 7” going into #8 of the biggest vinyl singles of 2020 so far, we have decided to release another. This is the exciting and spooky 7” ON YELLOW COLOURED VINYL

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Track Listings

  1. I See Your Ghost
  2. Corporation Street

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