I Can See Your House From Here

John Scofield & Pat Metheny

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Superstar jazz recording sessions generally proceed with an abundance of ego and good intentions–yet rarely if ever is the sum equal to its parts. There’s simply no substitute for empathy and forethought. Or the mutual respect these master stylists display on I CAN SEE YOUR HOUSE FROM HERE. Scofield and Metheny represent two distinct takes on modern jazz and the electric guitar. Both come directly out of Jim Hall, the poet laureate of jazz guitar. Metheny’s romantic “Say The Brother’s Name” and “Quiet Rising”, and Scofield’s after hours blues “You Speak My Language” provide ardent settings for both guitarists to pay homage to their primary influence with suede, legato phrasings and supple harmonies. But where Metheny’s muse (and his immensely popular band) often tends toward rich layered harmonies and percolating Brazilian rhythms, Scofield is a hard blues, hard bop player, with more than a little touch of funk in his tone. Where Metheny flows, Scofield sort of barks and bites into his lines, as reflected by such ardent, jagged themes as “One Way To Be” and “No Way Jose”. Yet for all the stylistic differences, the sum of their collaboration is such that casual listeners might find it difficult to tell who’s who. Scofield and Metheny touch on all sorts of dancing instrumental moods, leavened by modern jazz, flavoured by rock, blues and Latin America, driven in style by bass guitarist Steve Swallow and drummer Bill Stewart. Beautifully recorded, I CAN SEE YOUR HOUSE FROM HERE is an authentic musical communion.

• From the Original Master of Blue Note/Universal Music
• Lacquer Cutting by SST(Schallplatten Schneid Technik) Brüggemann
GmbH in Germany.
• 180g Audiophile Vinyl Pressing by Pallas GmbH in Germany.
• Original Artwork (Gatefold Cover).
• 2 Polylined Inner Sleeves

John Scofield & Pat Metheny / I Can See Your House From Here

– Line-Up –

John Scofield: guitar, steel-string acoustic guitar
Pat Metheny: guitar, guitar synth, nylon-string acoustic guitar
Steve Swallow: electric bass, acoustic bass guitar
Bill Stewart: drums

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Track Listings


Side 1
1. I Can See Your House From Here 7:43
2. The Red One 4:17
3. No Matter What 7:14

Side 2
1. Everybody's Party 6:15
2. Message To My Friend 6:09
3. No Way Jose 7:18


Side 3
1. Say The Brother's Name 7:18
2. S.C.O. 4:41
3. Quiet Rising 5:26

Side 4
1. One Way To Be 5:45
2. You Speak My Language 6:57

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