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Art Bears


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The first Art Bears LP, mostly made by the band formerly known as Henry Cow and completed by Fred Frith, Chris Cutler and Dagmar Krause who went on, as ‘Art Bears’, to investigate this short song format further over the next two years, once Henry Cow had ceased to exist. Experimenting with the song form and the productive possibilities of the recording studio, this was hailed in its time (1978) as a landmark recording, and has been constantly in demand ever since. Therefore this new version, re-mastered by Bob Drake, sounds for the first time like the original tapes. Repackaged with lyrics printed on inner sleeve. Limited audiophile edition of 2000 copies on 180 gram virgin vinyl.

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Side A: 1. On Suicide 2.The Dividing Line 3.Joan 4. Maze 5. In Two Minds Side B: 1. Terrain 2.The Tube 3.The Dance 4. Pirate Song 5. Labyrinth 6. Riddle 7. Moeris Dancing 8. Piers

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