Homecoming (Live in Atlanta)

Blackberry Smoke

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Brand new live album from the Kings of Southern Rock. Recorded in their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia at the famous Tabernacle venue – Includes an exclusive Blackberry Smoke guitar plectrum with three legged rooster design. Features fantastic live versions of fan favourites such as “Waiting For The Thunder’, ‘Ain’t Got The Blues’, ‘One Horse Town’ and ‘Ain’t Much Left Of Me’. Blackberry Smoke stormed into the UK Top 30 in February 2014 with the official European release of the their album ‘The Whippoorwill’. They followed that with a second UK album chart entry with the live album ‘Leave A Scar live in North Carolina’ which debuted at No.35 in August 2014. 2015 album ‘Holding All The Roses’ was #1 Country album in Official Billboard Charts USA and top 20 in the UK Official Album charts. Blackberry Smoke stormed into the UK Top 10 in October 2016 with the official European release of the album ‘Like An Arrow’.

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Track Listings

  1. Nobody Gives A Damn
  2. Waiting For The Thunder
  3. Pretty Little Lie
  4. Let It Burn
  5. Best Seat In The House
  6. Medicate My Mind
  7. Sleeping Dogs
  8. Run Away From It All
  9. Running Through Time
  10. Lord Strike Me Dead
  11. Mother Mountain
  12. Ain't Got The Blues
  13. Free On The Wing
  14. One Horse Town
  15. I'll Keep Ramblin'
  16. Flesh and Bone
  17. Not Fade Away
  18. Ain't Much Left Of Me

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