Patricia Barber


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  • Genre: Jazz
  • Label: Impex Records
  • Released Date: 29th November 2019
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    180g 1LP

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Barber’s songs – though easy enough to enjoy when listening nonchalantly – are uncommonly rich in content and reward close attention. Every syllable, every chord change, every whispering vocal turn sends a message, and if you dare to breathe, you may miss it.

Nowhere has that point emerged more succinctly than in “Higher,” her newly released recording and a high point in a discography stretching back decades. For though the Chicagoan has penned song cycles before, the one that stretches across the first eight tracks of “Higher” represents her singular art distilled to its essence. Tightly compressed lyrics, transparent musical textures, infinitesimally subtle vocal shadings, moments of unexpected silence and multiple layers of subtext define “Angels, Birds and I …,” a suite at least five years in the making.

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Track Listings

Angels, Birds, and I…
1. Muse
2. Surrender
3. Pallid Angel
4. The Opera Song
5. High Summer Season
6. The Albatross Song
7. Voyager
8. Higher

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