Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?

Fantastic Negrito


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After winning his second ‘Contemporary Blues Album’ Grammy for the acclaimed ‘Please Don’t Be Dead,’ Fantastic Negrito is back with his new album ‘Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?” out August 14th. This album focuses on mental health, while providing commentary on the political and social state of America. Lead track “I’m So Happy I Cry” (June 26th) features fellow Tiny Desk winner, Tank, from Tank and The Bangas. Additional focus tracks “Chocolate Samurai” (March 28th), “Searching for Captain Save a Hoe (featuring E-40)” and “How Long?” (May 15th) see him exploring hip-hop, R&B, and rock in a way like never before, providing a glimpse into the full versatility of Fantastic Negrito as an artist.

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Track Listings

1. Chocolate Samurai
2. I’m So Happy I Cry (feat. Tank)
3. How Long?
4. Shigamabu Blues
5. Searching For Captain Save A Hoe (feat. E-40)
6. Your Sex Is Overrated (feat. Masa Kohama)
7. These Are My Friends
8. All Up In My Space
9. Justice In America
10. King Frustration
11. Platypus Dipster

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