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After several hit albums in the U.K., Level 42 finally found American success with the 1986 album World Machine and its hit single, “Something About You.” When 1987’s follow-up release Running In The Family also scored on that side of the Atlantic, it seemed Level 42 was here to stay. Guaranteed was the band’s ninth studio album, released in 1991, their first album of the 1990s. The album boasts a number of catchy, pop tunes including the title track (a Top 20 hit in the U.K.), and “My Father’s Shoes” is unlike anything else the band ever recorded. Vocalist and bassist Mark King is rejuvenated and energetic here, particularly on the upbeat “Overtime” and the funky “Her Big Day.” Keyboardist Mike Lindup leads on one of the album’s best tracks, the ballad “Lasso the Moon,” and “With A Little Love” is a simple but engaging plea for (what else) love, peace, and happiness. The band itself is in top form.

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