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Strange Requests and Comic Tales from Record Shops


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Graham Jones has many years experience as a record company sales rep and still going strong, he has possibly visited more record shops in Britain than anyone else.

Over the years he has collected a vast number of funny stories and anecdotes. He relates the best of them here in his new book ‘Strange Requests and Comic Tales from Record Shops’. The anecdotes come from people who have been often pleased and sometimes bemused to be stationed behind the record shop counter.

This hilarious new collection of “I’ll-hum-it-have-you-got-it?” and similar stories is an engrossing memorial to an increasingly bygone age.

The book relates over 200 funny anecdotes and requests gathered from independent record shops past and present along with tales from HMV, Our Price, Music Zone, Virgin and classical music stores too. The book also has an intriguing chapter featuring tales from record company sales reps who recall tales of life on the road and trying to get the records they were promoting up the charts.

Many of the tales are highlighted with cartoons by one of the UK’s most renowned cartoonists, Kipper Williams, whose cartoons continue to bring great pleasure to readers of the Guardian and The Sunday Times.

Graham Jones is the author of the best-selling and widely acclaimed Last Shop Standing, the definitive account of the demise of Britain’s independent record shops. Graham’s book has inspired a celebrated documentary film of the same name that features many well-known musicians – including Paul Weller, Richard Hawley , Norman Cook Johnny Marr and Billy Bragg – as well as many record shop proprietors.

Also Available: Last Shop Standing – The Book (PMO100)
Last Shop Standing Deluxe – The DVD (PFILMS005)

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