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Music On Vinyl is proudly releasing The Jeff Buckley Grace EPs on vinyl for the first time ever! This unique package contains 5 180g 12\” vinyl records each in their own full colour jacket, a double sided full colour insert and a 12mm spined outer sleeve.

In the space of one studio album, and a number of recorded live performances, Jeff Buckley managed to carve out a global cult following. With so little studio output available, fans of Jeff Buckley have inevitably been drawn back time and time again to the masterpiece that is Grace, becoming familiar with every detail of every song.

The five discs that make up The Grace EPs are a collection of live performances and a few studio versions from songs that appeared on Buckley\’s seminal debut album. A few b-sides are also included. Indeed two of these (\”Peyote Radio Theatre\” and \”So Real\”) were promotional-only releases that weren\’t commercially available. The others were rare imports: \”Last Goodbye\” came out in Japan, Live From the Bataclan in France, and The Grace EP in Australia.

Jeff Buckley toured the globe extensively, performing countless shows in support of his music.

The Grace EPs capture some of the majesty of his stage presence. So what of the music contained here? First of all this is no skimpy collection – adding up to more than two hours even though there are just three to five songs on each disc. The perfect supplement to the Grace album, it contains live versions (sometimes more than one) of five songs from that record, as well as a few edit versions, a \”Nag Champa Mix\” of \”Dream Brother,\” and a 13- minute live \’Chocolate Version\’ of \”Mojo Pin.\”

Perhaps more interesting to collectors will be a few cover tunes not on Grace: a whopping 12-minute version of Van Morrison\’s \”The Way Young Lovers Do,\” a medley of \”Je N\’En Connais Pas la Fin/Hymne A l\’Amour\”, Hank Williams\’s \”Lost Highway\”, and a 14-minute take on Alex Chilton\’s \”Kanga-Roo\”. And there is, finally, a bonus track added to the The Grace EP (the only song in the package not on the original EPs), \”Tongue\”, a spooky ambient 11-minute studio instrumental.

If you\’re a devoted Buckley-phile, this set is for you. It\’s beautifully put together, with crisp sound quality in the live performances, and captures Buckley\’s tremendous flair for stage improvisation.

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Track Listings

A1 Mojo Pin (Album Version) (5:42)
A2 Dream Brother (Nag Champa Mix) (5:19)

B1 Kanga-Roo (Album Version) (14:06)

C1 So Real (Live) (5:18)
C2 Grace (Live) (6:07)

D1 Dream Brother (Live) (7:43)

E1 Dream Brother (Live) (7:24)
E2 The Way Young Lovers Do (Live) (12:14)

F1 Je N'En Connais La Fin/If You Love Me (Really Love Me) (Live) (5:41)
F2 Hallelujah (Live) (9:28)

G1 Grace (Album Version) (5:22)
G2 Grace (Live) (5:39)
G3 Mojo Pin (Live) (5:18)

H1 Hallelujah (Live) (8:42)
H2 Tongue (Rehearsal Demo) (11:31)

I1 Last Goodbye (Album Version) (4:36)
I2 Mojo Pin (Live 'Chocolate Version') (13:47)

J1 Kanga-Roo (Album Version) (14:06)
J2 Lost Highway (Live) (4:23)

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