Glory Days

Sarah Gillespie


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“Glory Days” is a majestic set of songs that capture the true essence of Sarah’s music which incorporates Jazz, Folk, Blues and still it stands out as being very original. One of the best lyricists in the country, a great band featuring Sarah Gillespie, Vocals and Guitar, Gilad Atzmon (who also produced the album) on various instruments, Ben Bastin on Bass, Enzo Zirelli – Drums, Kit Downes – Piano and Marcus Bates on French Horn.

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Track Listings

1 Postcards to Outer Space
2 Glory Days
3 Sugar Sugar
4 Oh Mary
5 Signal Failure
6 The Bees and the Seas
7 The Soldier Song
8 Babies and All That Shit
9 St James Infirmary

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