Glass Piano

Bruce Brubaker


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  • Genre: Rock And Pop
  • Label: InFine
  • Released Date: 1st June 2015
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Sublime solo piano versions of Philip Glass by a master interpreter of the legendary minimalist composer. Having cultivated an intense relationship with this music over many years, Brubaker has honed his approach to these pieces to a microcosmic level. A lean, angular performance that navigates the looped repetitions and dovetailing melodies in an achingly beautiful manner.

Bruce Brubaker has performed Mozart with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, taken part in a piano and electronics recital on the BBC and frequently graced the stage of New York City’s Le Poisson Rouge. He has recorded for labels such as ECM, Bedroom Community and Arabesque and his notable releases include the ‘Drones’ album with Nico Muhly and ‘Piano Songs’ with Meredith Monk and Ursula Oppens. · Bruce Brubaker’s forte is understanding and reinterpreting the music of Philip Glass. He has cultivated an intense relationship with Glass’ compositions, encouraged by American critic and record producer Tim Page, who first introduced Brubaker to the music of Glass. Over a period of 20 years, Brubaker and Glass have met on many occasions to discuss the reworks, instilling a deep understanding for Brubaker of Glass’ innermost intentions and idiosyncrasies.

InFiné champion themselves as an eclectic label so it’s hardly unusual for the French imprint to release a solo piano album. After all, the debut release that launched the label back in 2007 was Francesco Tristanos’ ‘Not For Piano’, which featured interpretations of Autechre and Jeff Mills from a modern composition perspective.

The spare echoing phrases and silence-as-an-instrument of ‘Glass Piano’ should appeal equally to lovers of the concert hall and the club. · ‘Glass Piano’ by Bruce Brubaker is presented as a digipack CD and a beautiful double vinyl gatefold edition. The vinyl edition also comes with two additional bonus tracks not included on the CD version, plus a digital download card.

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Mad Rush
Metamorphosis 1
Metamorphosis 2
Metamorphosis 3
Metamorphosis 4
Metamorphosis 5
Knee Play
Opening *
Evening Song *
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