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End, The


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In 1965 The End arose from the glowing embers of the earlier Tuxedos, Innocents and Original Topics, and like many of their contemporaries evolved into a psychedelic group.

Along the way, they won the support and patronage of the Rolling Stones’ Bill Wyman, who produced their sole album for Decca, “Introspection” (LP2). He also co-wrote their signature tune, the psychedelic classic “Shades Of Orange”, although the band wrote the rest of their material.

This four LP box set gathers together The End’s recordings: “In The Beginning” covers the early days from 1964 to 1967, LP 2 is the 1968 “Introspection” album, “Retrospection” features outtakes from the period 1968/69, while “The Last Word” rounds up the band’s recordings from 1969/70, before they reinvented themselves as Tucky Buzzard.

This box set features a note by founder member Colin Giffin, artwork by legendary designer Phil Smee, and the inner sleeves feature photos and ephemera, and the band’s story written by acknowledged expert David Wells.

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Track Listings

LP 1:

  1. I Can’t Get Any Joy
  2. Hey Little Girl
  3. I Want You Around
  4. I Can’t Believe It
  5. Lost Without You
  6. Baby Stay Like You Are
  7. It Won’t Be Long
  8. She Believed Me
  9. I Got Wise
  10. You’re So Right
  11. You Better Believe It Baby
  12. Please Do Something
  13. Why
  14. Yo-Yo
  15. Searching For My Baby
  16. Daddy Loves Baby
  17. We’ve Got It Made
  18. Shades Of Orange [November 1967 mix]


LP 2:

  1. Dreamworld
  2. Under The Rainbow
  3. Shades Of Orange [album version]
  4. Bromley Common [talk]
  5. Cardboard Watch
  6. Introspection [Part 1]
  7. What Does It Feel Like?
  8. Linen Draper [talk]
  9. Don’t Take Me
  10. Loving, Sacred Loving
  11. She Said Yeah
  12. Jacobs Bladder [talk]
  13. Introspection [Part 2]


LP 3:

  1. Loving, Sacred Loving [February 1968 mix]
  2. Building Up A Dream
  3. Little Annie
  4. Morning Dew
  5. Tears Will Be The Only Answer
  6. Today Tomorrow
  7. Lady Under The Lamp
  8. Black Is Black
  9. Mister Man
  10. Call Me
  11. Shades Of Orange [June 1968 remix]
  12. Mirror
  13. We’ve Got It Made [Mellotron Mix]
  14. Bypass The By-Pass


LP 4:

  1. Son Of Lightning
  2. Second Glance
  3. Mistress Bean
  4. For Eleanor
  5. So Free
  6. North Thames Gas Board
  7. Do Right Woman Do Right Man
  8. Turn On Waterstone
  9. Smartypants
  10. My Friend

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