Free Will

Gil Scott Heron


Barcode: 029667002219

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  • Genre: Soul / Funk
  • Label: BGP
  • Released Date: 22nd May 2020
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Limited vinyl LP reissue of Gil Scott-Heron’s 1972 album. One side consists of songs – all but one written with Brian Jackson – and the flipside is of poetry. Both forms showcase the political and the personal, in a way where even the time-specific lyrics transcend their era. Gil and Brian are backed an all-star band consisting of Bernard Purdie, Gerry Jemmott, Hubert Laws and David Spinozza. These help bring out the pathos in the achingly sad ‘Did You Hear What They Say’ – one of Gil’s finest pieces of writing.

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Track Listings

Free Will
The Middle Of The Day
The Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues
Speed Kills
Did You Hear What They Said?
The King Alfred Plan
No Knock
Ain't No New Thing
Billy Green Is Dead
Sex Education: Ghetto Style
And Then He Wrote Meditations

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