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BLÓM is cute, experimental, noise, punk.
Often compared to Lightning Bolt and Melt Banana in style, the music is hybridising genres; often shifting pace, to feel frantic, agitated and unsettled. Live performances are high energy and intense, provoking a visceral experience for the audience, submerging them in Blóm. Self described as three qt punks playing pure radge shit; with female, trans and non binary members, Blóm exist within a scene that is typically cis male dominated, but are reimagining the alt-music landscape to be more inclusive, diverse and balanced. Through lyrical content, cuteness and physical representation, Blóm are encouraging conversations and supporting safe environments for people to coalesce.

Comparative styles: punk, hardcore, noise, alt-rock, psyche, queercore, experimental, metal, doom.

More words about Blóm: ”Leave your human suit at the door and volunteer your ego to be carefully stabbed up by Blóm before letting them lovingly drown you in their home baked, three pronged sound calamity. Stick two fingers up to the melting intellect of the world outside, let these three cute punx remedy your ills and smash your shopping all over the street. Alternatively, just stay home and keep telling yourself that there are no good bands these days. Bass, drums & vocals. Hardcore, punk, noise, radge. Absolutely essential for healthy teeth.” Faxmachine


The debut album ‘Flower Violence’ is a succinct introduction to Blóm. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Sam Grant at Blank Studios – Summer 2019.
Lyrically the album explores themes of queerness, feminism, gender identity, mental health, socio economic challenges, christianity, Twin Peaks and the Fyodor Dostoyevsky novel ‘Crime and Punishment’. The latter theme is covered in – Übermensch, listed as two tracks on the album, which for the most part, was structured in the studio.
Open to improvisation, with fluidity, is how live performances are approached, often playing a continuous set with pieces merging into each other without any interruption. ‘Songs’ will develop once they have been played live to an audience, and are always open to change. This is how Übermensch in particular was approached during the recording. The improvised nature of the track adds to the feeling of unrest and uncertainty.

About the songs we are releasing….

MEAT: Is about poultry, human suits and personal identity.

BE KIND: Choosing kindness is to be open minded, understanding of differences and not assume righteousness. The lyrics are a reminder to be kind to yourself and others, even though this is not always the easy or automatic route. The lyrics also encourage conversations about gender, sexual identity and mental health – suggesting people are often visible but overlooked.

The artwork for the album was a collaboration between Liz and Eri. The cover illustrations were hand drawn by Liz and digitally manipulated along side graphics and text.

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Track Listings

1. Audrey
2. Meat
3. God
4. Ubermensch
5. Be Kind

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