Firesides and Guitars



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  • Genre: Folk
  • Label: Out-sider Music
  • Released Date: 1st May 2014
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    1LP Includes Insert

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Logos “Firesides and Guitars” was one of the most enigmatic private albums from the US. Housed in a sparse cover with little info, it was released in tiny quantities on the collectable Audio House label (home also of Smack). Nothing was known about the band until now: they were an obscure folk-rock trio from Kansas, comprised of 16-year-old Steve Epley plus brothers Chris and Cindy Williams. Their sound was charming, home-made folk-rock full of youthful innocence with layers of dual acoustic guitars and refreshing male-female vocals, featuring an impressive set of self-penned songs. Comparisons bring to mind Crosby Still & Nash or Shadrack Chameleon…

Highly recommended to any folk-rock / SSW sounds collector.

First time ever reissue. Full colour insert with rare photo and liner notes by band member Steve Epley.

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“…The combination of guitar tapestries and strong, almost Beatles-like melodies, creates an appealing experience that stands up well for repeat plays…

“…It’s refreshing to find this gem among all the mediocre 1970s hippie-folkers being touted…”

“The one track with female lead vocals borders on femme soft psych, and none the worse for that. This is not a wimpy LP, but a rare case of a local band finding a melodic hippie frame that fits them perfect”

– Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives)

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Track Listings

It’s Alright
Do You Hear (The People Scream)
If I Wanted To
I Wish
Slow Down
No More Loneliness
All American Boy
Love Is Real
What We Say (Everyday)
(All The) Soldiers
Firesides and Guitars

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