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A fabulous album of instrumental guitar work by legendary guitarist Peter Frampton. This 2007 Grammy award winner for Best Pop Instrumental Album contains Frampton’s cover of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” which was also nominated for Best Rock Instrumental Performance.

Frampton navigates a diverse range of material on Fingerprints, from American soul to Latin balladry and timeless rock. Guest artists include The Rolling Stones’ Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman on “Cornerstones,” original Shadows members Hank Marvin and Brian Bennett on “My Cup of Tea,” and Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready and Matt Cameron joining Frampton for the “Black Hole Sun” cover and the original “Blowin’ Smoke.” Frampton’s band on Fingerprints features John Regan (bass), co-producer Gordon Kennedy (guitar and backing vocals), Arthur Stead (keyboards) and Shawn Fichter (drums).

“Throughout, it features a diverse array of styles that show Frampton to be a master guitar player, one who is at home playing rock, blues, jazz, country and pop. It also boasts a fine selection of guest artists who are not just there to sprinkle glitter on a record, but to compliment and contribute to what is an eclectic and immensely enjoyable record — and one that does not, for a second, suffer from a lack of vocals…

“The album closes with ‘Souvenirs de Nos Pères (Memories of Our Fathers)’ and highlights both Frampton and the dobro and mandolin playing of John Jorgenson, the former Desert Rose Band member and Academy of Country Music Guitarist of the Year. It’s the perfect conclusion to a multifaceted record that proves that instrumental albums can offer so much, when the musician behind it is a great songwriter as well as a fabulous guitarist. If you’ve not heard this album, what are you waiting for…fire it up…” — Richard Havers, U Discover Music

• Double LP
• First time on vinyl
• Gatefold jacket
• Etching on side 4

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Track Listings

1. Boot It Up
2. Ida Y Vuelta (Out and Back)
3. Black Hole Sun
4. Float
5. My Cup Of Tea
6. Shewango Way
7. Blooze
8. Cornerstones
9. Grab A Chicken (Put It Back)
10. Double Nickels
11. Smokey
12. Blowin’ Smoke
13. Oh When…
14. Souvenirs De Nos Peres (Memory Of Our Fathers)

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