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Constant Lovers


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New album from Seattle, WA’s Constant Lovers.

The Seattle quartet have mastered the power of repetition and very loud noises. Experience Feelings, their second studio album, achieves a heavy-rocking Zen state that any deep-thinking hesher will tell you is the metaphysical end-goal of headbanging. There’s something inherently funny in repetition; say the same dumb joke over and over and it assumes a surreal hilarity.

So not only is Experience Feelings spiky and abrasive, it’s also belligerently charming. Credit vocalist Joel Cuplin and guitarist Eric Fisher: The former’s unhinged yelp is a class clown’s manic demand for attention; the latter’s brilliant, obtuse solos shatter the rhythm section’s martial lines and blow songs apart (see album crux “Cry Me a River” and “14 Missed Calls”) like so much beautiful wreckage. Until, of course, that mantra pulls them back together again. Jonathan Zwickel

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Track Listings

1. Mush Teeth download
2. You Look Smashing
3. Snickerdoodles are the Best Cookies
4. Hey Bo Diddley
5. 14 Missed Calls
6. Cry Me a River
7. Spread Your Wings
8. Experience Feelings
9. Amazon Trickle
10. I Am Your Skunk

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