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  • Genre: Electronica
  • Label: Warp
  • Released Date: 13th November 2020
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    12" EP/Mini Album

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Mark Pritchard returns with a six-track, club-ready EP fronted by first offering “Be Like Water”. Most of the tracks on this EP were first played in his WXAXRXP NTS mix last year, save a couple he held back. MP Productions – EP 1 will be available on 12” via Warp on 20th November.

MP Productions – EP 1 sees Pritchard dip into a slew of alias’ that have kept him busy over the years. This new club 12” nods to his mesmerising formulas for making dance music, carrying the listener through a collection of styles informed by grime, dancehall, electro and techno.

“Be Like Water” is a devilish 8-bar grime instrumental. Harking back to an early ‘00s grime sound, Pritchard manipulates loops of flutes and pentatonic scales to find an energy which is exciting, addictive and perfect for the club.

Jonathan Zawada’s artwork taps into a dystopian intersection between electronic music and machine learning that’s somewhat explored on the record. Using AI software, Zawada crafts the cover image of a plastic-wrapped suited man that stands somewhere between the hyper-real and figurative abstraction – obfuscated by a computer that has learned the imprint of a human, but is yet to understand them.

MP Productions – EP 1 is a consolidation of the eclectic style Pritchard has explored throughout his career; from his club music to albums like ‘Under The Sun’ [2016] (featuring artists like Thom Yorke and Linda Perhacs) and ‘The Four Worlds’ [2018] to the Global Communication project with Tom Middleton (which was recently re-released via their Evolution label). Pritchard is currently working on the follow up to his Under The Sun album.

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Track Listings

A1 Be Like Water
A2 Rakatak
A3 J Is For

B1 LFO Special
B2 One Way Mirror
B3 In My Heart

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