Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Spencer Radcliffe

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Enjoy The Great Outdoors is the second album by Spencer Radcliffe for Run For Cover Re¬cords. While the now Chicago-based artist has almost exclusively worked alone on projects like Blithe Field and his 2015 solo debut Looking In, on this album he has recruited some friends to expand the world he crafts with his music. With the backing of “Everyone Else,” Radcliffe’s songwriting is at it’s finest on Enjoy The Great Outdoors. These ten tracks blend slowed down in¬die rock with folk and a slight alt-country twang that recalls the slow-brewed sound of The Silver Jews, The Microphones and early Wilco.

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Track Listings

1. Land & Sea
2. Smoker’s Paradise
3. Breezy
4. Long Con
5. In The Clear
6. Trust
7. Flag
8. Wrong Turn
9. Slamming On The Brakes
10. Static Electricity

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