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Dylan Carlson & Rogier Smal


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Earth’s Dylan Carlson teams up with improv drummer/collaborator Rogier Smal for this brilliant full length LP. After releasing the Dylan Carlson/Rogier Smal Split 7″ vinyl, Toztizok Zoundz is very pleased to release this full length release of Carlson and Smal playing as a duo. 5 tracks of Carlson’s legendary guitar work and Smal’s free drumming. Recorded in Manchester on their previous duo tour in October 2013. All recorded in one take, this record is like being right there and listening to these two friends playing urgent music straight from the soul. Personal music for sure! The artwork is a collaboration by painter Helena Sanders (who also did the great artwork for the Carlson/Smal 7″) and Simon Fowler who did the artwork for a list of bands that is far too long to mention but contains projects like Boris, Earth, Stephen O’Malley, Cafe Oto etc.

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