Elektrichka’s Favourite Party Record

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‘Elektrichka’s Favourite Party Record ‘, the fourth album by The Projects, has been completed three years after his sudden death at the age of 37 in December 2011.

Lead vocalist and guitarist, Wilson (a former member of John Peel favourites Miss Mend and the Television Personalities) who had suffered from MS had begun recording the album, which he felt would be his most accomplished to date, with a vast array of talented and long term musician friends such as Mira Aroyo (Ladytron) – Vocals; Alex Lawton Mawdsley (Comet Sands) bass guitar; Dino Gollnick (Lightspeed Champion, The Beatings), Koichi Yamanoha (Grimm Grimm, Screaming Tea Party), Ricky Maymi (Brian Jonestown Massacre) – guitars ; Akihide Monna (Mon Chan – Bo Ningen) drums.

Sadly Graeme never saw the album completed, but everyone involved thought it would be a fitting tribute that it was finished and a few months after his funeral they went about the task of putting the recordings together. The results are remarkable and ‘Elektrichka’s Favourite Party Record’ is a truly inspiring piece of work. Thirteen tracks, mastered by Paul Jones (Stolen Recordings), the album includes the forthcoming single ‘Set A Course For The Stars’ and captures the perfectly formed skewed pop that Wilson and The Projects had been crafting over the years.

Tracks such as ‘I Have To Use Words’, ‘Emma Nutt’, ‘I’m Learning Chinese’, ‘A&E / ITU’, ‘Anne Is A Socialist’ and ‘I’m In LLLLLove’ are the sort of catchy, Krautrock and electronic tunes that The Projects and their contemporaries such as Stereolab, Quickspace, Broadscast and more recently The Horrors excel.

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Track Listings

1. Set a Course for the Stars
2. Elektrichka
3. Julie Says
4. Cold Fusion Experiment
5. I Have to Use Words
6. We Love the Repetition
7. Emma Nutt
8. I'm Learning Chinese
9. A&E/ITU
10. Bad Weather/Black Ink
11. Anne Is a Socialist
12. I'M In Lllllove
13. You'll Never Let Me Down

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