Divine Invasions

Ritual Cloak


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Divine Invasions is the sophomore release from Welsh electro post-rock duo Ritual Cloak. The album builds on the cinematic soundscape themes of their debut, with the addition of vocals scattered throughout the record.

Work on Divine Invasions began as soon as the first album had been finished back in September 2019. The first album saw sparing use of guitar, instead mainly writing around piano. When it came to writing the second, Sanders and Barnett didn’t want to fall into the same routine, choosing to embrace exploring new sounds, experiment with new effects, making guitars sound like synths and using vocals for the first time.

The title Divine Invasions is inspired by the Philip K Dick biography. Dick was plagued by nervous breakdowns and driven to near insanity by visions of God.

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Track Listings

  1. Opaque Crater
  2. Conversaion (Blackmail)
  3. Expect Results
  4. Accuse History
  5. High Teens Low Twenties
  6. Valis
  7. Silent Running
  8. Running With A Mullet
  9. White Noise
  10. Manylion

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