Death May be Your Santa Claus

Second Hand


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Second Hand’s debut album, Reality, is widely acclaimed as one of the best psychedelic albums to have emerged from the UK in the late 1960s. follow-up, originally issued in April 1971, is a similar milestone in the progressive genre. Originally recorded as the soundtrack to an obscure underground movie, it’s a dark, dense and challenging masterwork combining uniquely experimental compositions with wild organ playing and complex rhythms. This is its definitive edition, remastered from original tapes and complete with a booklet offering rare photographs, detailed liner notes and an introduction from its producer, the legendary Vic Keary.

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Track Listings

1. Death May Be Your Santa Claus (2:38)
2. Hangin' on an Eyelid (4:19)
3. Lucifer and the Egg (7:48)
4. Somethin' You Got (2:54)
5. Dip It Out of the Bog Fred (*) (1:37)
6. Baby R U Anudda Monster (*) (3:20)
7. Cyclops (6:29)
8. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi (1:00)
9. Revelations Ch. 16, Vs. 9-12 (3:35)
10. Take to the Skies (2:03)
11. Death May Be Your Santa Claus (Reprise) (5:20)
12. Funeral (3:00)

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