Dear Heather

Leonard Cohen

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Leonard Cohen, the most elegant Canadian bard, whispers his way through his 2004 album ‘Dear Heather’ like a poet quietly musing over his life and loves.

The mellow, hushed, and somewhat nocturnal character of the album commands attention through Cohen’s deep baritone and Sharon Robinson’s clear vocals.

It’s an intimate album that celebrates lost loves and friendships instead of mourning them, an introspective look on life from a ripe old age (Cohen turned 70 when the album was released).

diophile vinyl
• For the first time ever released on vinyl !
• Leonard Cohen will tour Europe in August until October
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Track Listings

A1 Go No More A-Roving
A2 Because Of
A3 The Letters
A4 Undertow
A5 Morning Glory
A6 On That Day

B1 Villanelle For Our Time
B2 There For You
B3 Dear Heather
B4 Nightingale
B5 To A Teacher
B6 The Faith

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