Dear Bigotry

Einar Stray Orchestra


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In February 2017 “Dear Bigotry”, a new album by Norwegian indie band Einar Stray Orchestra will be released. The new record of the band around singer and pianist Einar Stray was created last winter on an island in the north-west-coast of Norway. While winter storms were roaring outside the studio windows the five band members and producers Marius Hagen (frontman of Team Me) as well as Rumble In Rhodos guitarist Øyvind Røsrud recorded the ten songs on their third album. “We write about double moral, a love-hate relationship to Oslo, as well as new aspects of our religious upbringing. The record’s maximalistic soundscape is inspired by everything from arabic folk music to Lana Del Rey,” explains the band.

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Track Listings

A1 Last Lie
A2 Dear Bigotry
A3 Penny For Your Thoughts
A4 Caravelle
A5 Glossolalia

B1 As Far As I'm Concerned
B2 Seen You Sin
B3 Somersaulting
B4 20.000 Nights
B5 Sythesis

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