De Profundis

Don Cavalli

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  • Genre: Blues
  • Label: Because Music
  • Released Date: 26th February 2016
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    1LP Includes CD

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Special Remarks: LP (incl CD – with 4 bonus tracks) Even if Don Cavalli revealed himself to a larger audience only with Cryland (2007), and Temperamental (2013), he already had a long career behind him. His label A*RAG chose to republish « DE PROFUNDIS », only printed in an almost secret way in 2003, with 6 new bonus tracks coming from the same sessions. Uncontested star of the international rockabilly scene at the time, Don Cavalli was trying to reinvent himself with a non-artificial, home-recorded album. 12 years later, we have the chance to rediscover 16 songs: an extension of his long walks, haunted by the masters of blues, and heading to his own world. He has chosen to perform this album, alone on stage, with his guitar and his voice, and that is precisely what enabled him to open concerts for artists such as Ben Harper, The Black Keys, Moriarty, or more recently, Robert Plant. Don Cavalli is even more impressive in his simplicity that seems to be a part of him. The media will support this collector reprint as if it was a new album.

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Track Listings

A1. I Got A Girlie /
A2. Row And Ruck /
A3. Berceto Stomp /
A4. The Revelation
A5. I Don’t Feel Welcome Here /
A6. Myriam (Take 1)

B1. Arguments And Alibis /
B2. Sing My Blues /
B3. King Jesus (Of Nazareth)
B4. Graveyard Blues /
B5. I Ain’t Jealous /
B6. I Won’t Be Coming No More

The CD inside features 4 bonus tracks : “Been Gone A Long Time”, “Carmela”, “Production Line” & “Myriam (Take 2)”

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