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Rasmus, The


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limited transparent vinyl LP.

2017 is the year that the Rasmus have set themselves for a big international comeback.

The single »Paradise«, out March 31st 2017, showed that the band are not resting on their laurels or former accomplishments. »Paradise« sounds fresh and modern, but still strikes that chord of familiar Nordic melancholia that resonates with the group’s hundreds of thousands of fans.

The new album »Dark matters« is set for release on October 6, 2017. »Dark Matters« was recorded and mixed in Stockholm, produced by the very successful Swedish team the family.

»The thinking behind our new songs was to create the kind of music we would like to listen to. We haven’t abandoned our signature northern melancholy but you can hear a wide range of influences in our new compositions. The new album is like a rollercoaster with many different emotions and personal feelings. Our music is at times dark, speculative, melodic and sometimes even sad« singer Lauri Ylönen explains.

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Track Listings

01. Paradise
02. Something In The Dark
03. Wonderman
04. Nothing
05. Empire
06. Crystalline
07. Black Days
08. Silver Night
09. Delirium
10. Dragons Into Dreams

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