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Rachel Baiman releases her Signature Sounds debut, Cycles.

An acclaimed songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Baiman has emerged as a fearless voice of the American female experience.

Her music has been featured on NPR’s ‘Songs We Love’ and called a ‘Rootsy Wake-up Call’ by Folk Alley. On Cycles, Baiman has found a grittier musical medium, employing a majority female team to create hard hitting songs, replacing pretty for penetrating.

At times heartbreaking, at times celebratory, Cycles is a reflection of a lot of life experienced in a relatively short amount of time and a desire to hold fast to the people we love in the wake of uncertainty.

The album was co-produced by Baiman and Olivia Hally, lead singer of the Australian indie pop band Oh Pep! and mixed by GRAMMY winning engineer Shani Gandhi.

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Track Listings

  1. Cycles
  2. Joke’s On Me
  3. Rust Belt Fields
  4. Wyoming Wildflowers
  5. When You Bloom (Colorado)
  6. Hope It Hurts
  7. Young Love
  8. Ships in the Night
  9. No Good Time for Dying
  10. The Distance

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