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  • Genre: Rock And Pop
  • Label: Rhino
  • Released Date: 23rd November 2015
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    200g 2LP Includes Download Code

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Considered to be one of the finest Rock bands of all time, Rush have dominated the world stage since the Seventies and have been one of the most identifiable and influential Prog-Rock acts across the entire world. This was never a band lacking for incredible talent, with Neil Peart claiming his place as perhaps the greatest drummer to have ever lived being the driving force, alongside Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee who themselves have both been ranked as one of the most influential guitarists and bassists respectively.

To celebrate the amazing years that Rush had with Atlantic, Rhino are re-issuing the six albums that Rush made on the label onto super heavyweight 200g vinyl, so that they can be heard in the best quality to date. All records contain a HD Download Card

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Track Listings

Side One:
1. Animate
2. Stick It Out
3. Cut To The Chase
4. Nobody’s Hero
Side Two:
1. Between Sun & Moon
2. Alien Shore
3. The Speed Of Love
Side Three:
1. Double Agent
2. Leave That Thing Alone
3. Cold Fire
4. Everyday Glory
Side Four - Etching

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